go play chess demo

1. After you login you will be redirected to the member home page. You can start to match other players in a game of chess by clicking lobby on the top navigation bar.

2.In the lobby, set a time control, minimum rating, and a maximum rating and click Send Seek button This will broadcast your seek to everyone who is in the lobby. Now wait in the lobby until someone accepts your seek.

3. Once your seek is accepted you will be redirected from the lobby to the chess room and your chess game will start. If you leave the lobby or logout your seek will still be there. If someone accepts your seek and you are not in the lobby room the game will still start. You can view your current game by going to the chess room. For any reason if you lose internet connection you can resume your game by going back to the chess room.

4. A player is allowed a maximum of three active seeks. To cancel a seek that is sent out a player can click on his or her own seek in the seek list. A chess game can be aborted as long as the player has not made one move.

5. To make a pre move just click and drag a piece to a square when it is the opponents turn. To cancel a pre-move just click any of your pieces on the board.

6. To match a player privately they need to be logged in. Just enter their usersname in the blank box and click "Send Private Match".

7. Highscores update every hour.